We look forward to seeing you

in our family center.

Family center Nová Trojka is a place where the whole family will enjoy themselves. If you want to spend a nice time with your children, provide them with a pleasant course, work out, educate yourself or if you need help with possible problems that often accompany family life, we look forward to seeing you.

In Nová Trojka you will find:

  • Courses – You can do sports, art, make music or learn something new. You can do it alone or enjoy a time together with your loved ones. In Nová Trojka you will find courses for all ages from babies to seniors.
  • Events – We organize traditional and non-traditional community events, sports events for adults and “pyjama”(sleep over) parties for children.
  • Daily holiday camps – We will take care of your children during the summer, spring and autumn holidays. We prepare for them a daily programme full of trips, games and creative activities.
  • Counselling – You can take advantage of basic professional counselling in the areas of family law, relationships, personal problems, family communication, development and education of children and other areas, right in the safe and friendly environment of our centre.
  • Education – You can attend seminars and discussions on various topics, get basic information on mediation, etc.
  • Social activities – We support socially endangered families, foster parents and individuals or families who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

For more information contact Iva – 603 700 037; email: ivana.kruzelova@novatrojka.cz or Veronika – 732 200 198, email: veronika.vlkova@novatrojka.cz.